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Kyle Rooney
Celtics tribute video to Paul Pierce
Kyle Rooney
The Nets have unveiled their 'nickname' jerseys
Kyle Rooney
Paul Pierce clobbered George Hill and got ejected
Ray Allen says that he has still not heard from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce since he left Boston for Miami.
Members of the Brooklyn Nets star in this Funny Or Die video where they bring it back "old school."
Paul Pierce takes a tour of Brooklyn.
Paul Pierce crosses over his defender and rises for the big dunk.
Paul Pierce blocks LeBron in the fourth quarter.
LeBron James feels he doesn't have a personal rival in the NBA.
Doc Rivers comes to the defense of Garnett and Pierce after LeBron and Wade called them out for leaving Boston.
Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce unfortunately find their photo directly placed above an ad for erectile dysfunction.
LeBron James and Dwyane Wade think it's hypocritical how Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce blasted Ray Allen for leaving Boston.
Rajon Rondo says he "felt nothing" when he learned that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were traded.
Deron Williams hosted his first annual charity dodgeball tournament.