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Kyle Rooney
Magic tweets his displeasure with the Lakers organization
Kyle Rooney
LeBron lists his Top-4 NBA greats
Kyle Rooney
He's done bashing the organization
Kyle Rooney
Magic takes another jab at the Lakers
Kyle Rooney
Magic Johnson goes on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Magic Johnson opens up to Oprah about his very active sexual lifestyle in the 1980s.
Wire News
Looking at the Lakers upcoming season, Magic Johnson predicts they'll have a bad year.
Reports are that Bill Simmons is the cause for Magic Johnson leaving ESPN, but he denies these claims.
Magic Johnson has stepped down from his role at ESPN and will be replaced by Doris Burke.
Magic Johnson says he doesn't think Kobe Bryant will be ready in time for the Lakers season opener.
Luke Tarsitano
List of 10 NBA players past and present who are great at getting women.
Magic Johnson admits that Michael Jordan is the greatest one-on-one player ever.
Magic Johnson responds to LeBron after he ranked him fourth all-time.
LeBron James picks Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Dr. J as his All-Time Top 3.
Spike Lee tells a story about Michael Jordan gambling all night with Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley.