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These two schools genuinely hate each other
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From the 30 For 30 'When The Garden Was Eden'
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John Lucas goes at Francisco Garcia
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Nick Young receives a well deserved 1-game suspension
Video of Larry Sanders fight at a Milwaukee club.
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The league has suspended Andrew Bogut and Mo Williams one game for fighting.
Matt Barnes has no intention of apologizing to Serge Ibaka after shoving him because he just doesn't like him.
Matt Barnes vents on Twitter after being ejected from last night's Clippers game.
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Larry Sanders sat out last night's game after apparently injuring his thumb in a bar fight.
Thinking of the prospect of fighting in the UFC for $10 million, Dwight Howard says he'd be open to it someday.
Tyler Hansbrough nearly gets in a scuffle with Metta World Peace.
In the Celtics locker room they have a poster to vote on who would win in a fight: Rajon Rondo or Kris Humphries.
Taking to Twitter, Brandon Jennings says The Game sucker punched him at his birthday party.
The District Attorney has announced that charges will not be pressed against Scottie Pippen from his fight in Malibu.
Scottie Pippen is being sued for $4 million after knocking a man out who was heckling him outside a Malibu restaurant.