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Kanye court side at HS basketball game
Ray Allen says that he has still not heard from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce since he left Boston for Miami.
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After Donald Sterling meddled in a trade, Doc Rivers nearly resigned from the Clippers.
Doc Rivers comes to the defense of Garnett and Pierce after LeBron and Wade called them out for leaving Boston.
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan were on Jimmy Kimmel.
Talking about his new Clippers team, Doc Rivers says they have the potential to be better than any team he's ever coached.
Clippers new head coach, Doc Rivers, tells Chris Paul that he hasn't done anything in the league yet until he wins a championship.
Bill Simmons says that Chris Paul nearly signed with the Houston Rockets this off season.
Doc Rivers responds to Bill Simmons saying he quit on the Celtics and calls the analyst an idiot.
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