Kyle Rooney
Jordan's jersey, diploma, and transcripts all sell at auction
Kyle Rooney
Ray Allen's luxury timepieces go up for auction today
Kyle Rooney
Ray Allen Hublot watches will be auctioned off for Diabetes research
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MJ's recruiting letters, including one from Dean Smith to be auctioned
Kyle Rooney
Michael Jordan's Highland Park estate fails to sell at auction
Full tour of Michael Jordan's mansion which he has put up for auction.
Michael Jordan has decided to auction off his Chicago-area mansion.
Kris Humphries auctioned off the wedding ring he gave Kim Kardashian for $749,000.
The sneakers Michael Jordan wore during his famous 1997 NBA Finals "Flu Game" are being sold.
Kris Humphries is auctioning off the $2 million engagement ring he gave to Kim Kardashian for $300,000.
Man unknowingly buys a storage unit filled with Dikembo Mutombo's personal belongings.
The Dallas Mavericks are auctioning the hardwood court that they played on during their 2011 championship season.
Kobe Bryant's parents pulled in over $480,000 for auctioning off Kobe Bryant memorabilia.
Kobe Bryant's mother is auctioning a championship ring given to her as a gift which is an exact replica of the ring he was given by the Lakers.
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Kobe Bryant has reached a settlement with his parents over auctioning his memorabilia.
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Kobe Bryant is going to court against his mother over her auctioning old memorabilia of his.