What If Every NBA Player Played For Their Hometown?

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After LeBron James decided he would be heading back to Cleveland, the internet started churning out possible starting 5s if every player in the league returned to their hometown. Some squads were complete garbage, while others were STACKED. 

The Washington Wizards would boast a formidable lineup that includes Carmelo Anthony (Baltimore), Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, and Ty Lawson (and Roy Hibbert). The New York Knicks were re-imagined with a frontcourt that consists of Joakim Noah and Andre Drummond, while Kemba Walker runs the point. 

No team could form a better back court then... Charlotte. The Hornets lineup, if NBA players all returned home, would feature Chris Paul, John Wall, and Stephen Curry. 

Check out some of the better starting 5s in the photos, and check out the full list of NBA squads here.

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