Best Selling NBA Jerseys This Season

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 ESPN's Darren Rovell revealed a list of the best selling NBA jerseys, number 1 shouldn't shock you;

 Surprised to see Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving so high on the list. Cleveland is such a small market that I didn't think Kyrie would crack the top-10, though he is a fantastic talent.

Curry is arguably a top-5 player, but I wouldn't have predicted him for the 6th best selling jersey in the league. West coast franchises outside of LA typically don't get that much attention when it comes to jersey sales. I guess it's just a testament to Curry's growth in to super stardom. Remember, he still hasn't made an all-star team. That'll end this season, for sure.

A few guys I thought could've cracked the top sales; Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Mike Dunleavy. How is Dunleavy not a top selling jersey?

One guy that SHOULD be in the top sales, but probably won't because Minnesota is a trash market; Kevin Love.


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