Tony Allen To Play Grizzlies Owner 1-on-1 For $100K

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Earlier this summer we saw Tony Allen playing tough D on kids at his basketball camp, and he talked about never wanting to lose a game.  Well, now we can see if the tough wing defender will let up while playing against his boss. 

Grizzlies owner, 35 year old billionaire, Robert J. Pera, challenged Allen on Twitter to a game of one-on-one.  He made the offer juicy by saying he would donate $100,000 to Tony’s charity if he won.  Allen wasted little time and accepted the offer. 



Although Pera is much more youthful than the average major sports team owner, he can’t believe he can actually beat one of the league’s best perimeter defenders, so this is probably just a PR move for the upcoming season.  Hopefully they open the doors to the gym for this one, and they actually play.  Either way, promotional or note, this is a great move by the Grizz owner, that we can all get behind. 


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