Thibodeau Says Refs Ignore When Rose Is Fouled Because He's Too Nice

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Derrick Rose's athleticism seems intact after the Bulls' first few games of the season, but he has not been putting up stellar numbers shooting below 30 percent.  Tom Thibodeau feels part of the problem is that Rose is not getting calls when driving to the rim.  

After his point guard has only been to the stripe ten times total over three games. when he used to get to the line seven times a contest in his 2011 MVP season, Thibodeau is campaigning for Rose to get more calls, and feels that his mild demeanor may be costing him some trips to the free throw line.  


‘Next question,’’ coach Tom Thibodeau said before weighing in. ‘‘I’ll say this: I don’t know of anyone who drives as hard as he does. Nor as fast as he does. And I think sometimes he’s penalized for being a nice guy. I’ll leave it at that.’’

No question, Rose has had a difficulty re-entry so far. His shooting (28.8 percent) is down. His turnovers (5.67 a game) are up. His defense has been a struggle. But not getting to the foul line?

Asked about his lack of foul attempts the reserved Rose slyly says that no foul attempts means no fouls, but this is clearly an issue that's irking both the Bulls' coach and their star player.  


‘‘I can’t complain about it,’’ Rose said. ‘‘All I can do is continue to drive. I guess I’m not getting fouled.’’


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