The Mavericks Are Targeting Bosh In Free Agency

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The Miami Heat have won 8 straight, and look poised for a real run at their third straight title.  Should they accomplish, what many believe they will, and three-peat a huge looming questions will be over the franchise as all three of the Big 3, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, can opt out of their contracts.

What LeBron and Wade do will probably weight heavily on his decision, but Chris Bosh may well look for more money, or want to step out of the shadows of King James and D-Wade.  

Sources are already saying that Bosh's hometown team, the Dallas Mavericks, are very interested in pairing him with Dirk Nowitzki

The Dallas Mavericks will have cap space and some star power but league executives expect them to target another Heat free agent, Dallas native Bosh. 

Dallas has long been clear that their objective is to land top tier free agents, and that Dirk is willing to take a sizeable pay cut to do so.  

This is all speculation of course, as how Miami's season ends will be a major factor in the Big 3's decisions.  If they win their third straight title, it will be even more difficult to break them up, but should they flame out in the Playoffs - say, get handled by a physical Pacers team in the Conference Finals - then they may decide to go their separate ways.  


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