Mike Woodson Wants To Punch The Panic Out Of J.R. Smith

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In the off season, J.R. Smith was talking about the Knicks winning a championship, but last week he found himself "panicking" after their terrible start. 

The team has fallen to 3-10, and with injuries plaguing them, others might have started panicking.  Coach Mike Woodson was asked about Smith saying he's panicking, and the coach wryly said he "might need to puch him out" to make his swingman stop panicking. 

Point guard Raymond Felton, who is battling a pinched nerve in his hip, says that if the team is starting to panic they may as well cal it quits. 


When asked if he was irritated by Smith’s panic remark, Woodson said: “To be sitting here after 12 games talking about I’m in a panic stage, I might need to punch him out and get it out of his thought process.”

The Knicks coach then smirked, but it wasn’t meant entirely as a big joke.

“If we panic,’’ said point guard Raymond Felton, “we might as just well shut down the season.’’



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