Seven Teens Break Into Ray Allen's Home

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Police are investigating seven teens who broke into the home of Miami Heat free agent guard Ray Allen on Thursday morning, reported.

According to the report, the teens entered Allen's Coral Gables, Fla., home around 2:30 a.m. after attending a party next door.

The teens believed Allen and his family were not home and thought it would be "cool" to see the inside of the house. They entered through an unlocked back door, according to police. However, Allen's wife and children were sleeping upstairs and were awoken by the noise.

"She heard people walking up the stairs and that's when she yelled out to them, 'what are you doing in my house?' " Coral Gables Police spokeswoman Kelly Denham said. "As soon as they heard that, they fled the house."

Some of the teens told their parents what happened and the parents took them to the police department to report the incident.

"They stated that they did enter the home," Denham said. "They were there to see where Ray Allen had lived. They honestly thought that he had moved from the house."

The teens were released after being questioned for several hours. They could face misdemeanor trespassing charges.

The teens thought Allen left Miami to play with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after seeing boxes and furniture covered up in the home. Allen, a free agent, has not said if he is retiring or leaving the Heat for another team.

Police said the teens were "crying" and "terrified." They have not been arrested for trespassing because an officer did not witness the incident or for burglary because there was no forced entry, no intent, and nothing was stolen.

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