Storage Unit With Dikembo Mutombo's Belongings Sold For $300

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A man recent struck Storage Wars gold when he purchased a defaulted storage unit at an auction and found the items contained in it were none other than Dikembe Mutombo’s. 

It contained plenty of signed memorabilia from not only Dik, but former teammates.  Items such as signed basketballs, trading cards, and Mutombo’s old sneakers.  There were also plenty of personal items like photos of the Georgetown center with celebrity’s, including Michael Jackson.  Plus plenty of art by Dikembe’s brother.  TMZ was contacted by the man who purchased the locker for $300. 


The winning bidder is Adrian Petrus ... who competed for the contents of a forceclosed unit -- and just like on "Storage Wars," Adrian had no idea what was inside. 

So you can imagine how pumped he was when he opened the locker and realized the whole thing was packed full of Mutombo items -- signed basketballs, shoes, jerseys,  trading cards and photos of Dikembe with celebs like Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela.  

The locker also contained works of art painted and signed by Mutombo's brother. 

Mutombo’s brother owned the locker, and apparently defaulted on payments after he had to return to the Congo for an emergency and in his haste forgot about the locker payments.  The man who won the locker, Adrian Petrus, says he reached out to former NBA center but never heard back, so now he is selling the items on eBay.

As an ambassador for his native Congo, and an all-around great guy, let’s hope that Dikembe is contacted before these items are sold and he can reclaim anything which holds personal value to him.  You can see photos of the various items, including pics with Nelson Mandela, in the photo gallery above. 

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