Stephen Jackson Explains Choking Steve Francis

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Last week footage circulated of Stephen Jackson getting into an altercation with Steve Francis at a Houston night club.  While on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” Jackson talks about the incident, and how it unfolded.

Apparently, it happened a couple months ago, and the two were at the same club where Stak5 was paid to perform.   Once Jackson was rapping in the DJ booth for the crowd, Franchise jumped up behind him, but his mid section kept pumping into Stephen’s head. 

The two exchanged words, and Jax reached out and choked Stevie, who was cuffed and escorted out of the club, but released once outside.   Jackson stresses that the two didn’t know each other, and followed with saying that after Francis “retreated” from the choke, he didn’t feel the need to hit punch him.     

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