Stephen Jackson Chokes Steve Francis At Night Club

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We all know Stephen Jackson is no joke. He is after all, the dude who ran into the stands with Ron Artest during Malice at the Palace, and we've heard other stories from Jax that confirms he is the real deal.  Well, Steve Francis just found out the hard way at a club in Houston.  

Stak5 was on the mic rhyming, and Stevie Franchise was trying to be his hype man in the back.  It's not clear what happened exactly, but this seemed to bother Jackson and his crew.  Words were exchanged and eventually Francis found Stephen Jackson's hands around his throat, and you can tell Steve wanted no part of it.  

Afterwards the cops showed up and identified Francis as the reason for the ruckus, and they escorted him out of the club and threw the cuffs on him.  Rough night for the former Houston Rocket All Star. 


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