Stephen Curry Still Gets ID'd At Bars & Even Movie Theaters

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Stephen Curry is one of, if not the, best shooter in the world.  Last year he broke the record for most three pointers made in a season, and is now on the threshold of superstardom after leading the Warriors on an improbably playoff run. 

At 25 years old, with a beautiful wife and child, Steph still encounters some problems when trying to enter certain establishments.  It's not that he's too famous and drawing crowds, rather it's that this Baby Faced Assassin still has troubles entering into places where age of majority is required.  

Speaking to Dan Le Batard, Curry admits that he still gets ID'd when trying to order a drink, and even when going to R-rated movies.  Although he has a young face and lithe frame this is still hilarious, as he is one of the most recognizable players in the NBA


Steph deals with the same issue. Around the 6:30 minute mark of the below clip, Steph tells Le Batard what it’s like to suffer from a baby face.

“Sometimes we all go out, and I got a 15-month-old baby now; I got a wife. So, I got a family of my own now. Sometimes when I got out over the summer and want a drink or something, you gotta have that ID on hand. It’s funny for my family more so because they get a kick out of it.”

Curry goes on to admit he’s actually been asked to show an ID while trying to see an R-rated movie within the last 6 months!


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