Stephen Curry Leaves Nike For Under Armour

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Stephen Curry continues to make splashes in the endorsement market, and this time it's much larger than just being the face (mouth) of a flavored mouthguard company.  Following his impressive breakout season which saw him lead the surging Warriors to an improbably playoff run, and cement his talent and popularity among the game's best, Curry is leaving Nike to sign with Under Armour.  

Previously, UA had DeAndre Jordan and Brandon Jennings - who they rode fairly hard, and released a web-series about - but this is their first marquee NBA signing.  


Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry has left Nike to become the centerpiece endorser for Under Armour, sources told Yahoo Sports. [...]

Under Armour has had deals with several solid NBA players, including Brandon Jennings and DeAndre Jordan, but Curry – one of the league's most popular players with young fans – clearly elevates the company's brand.

This looks like a good fit for the deadly Warriors shooter, and the established athletic brand that is looking to expand their reach.  Both the brand, and Curry are at points that could see their popularity and earnings continue to soar.  Hopefully Under Armour and Steph will reach continued success together. 


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