Sleeved Christmas Day Jerseys Revealed

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The NBA continues to roll out new look alternative jerseys, and now we get a look at the sleeved jerseys that will be worn on the Christmas Day games. 

December 25th is when the NBA launches their heavy national calendar as the NFL begins to wind down and more of the casual fans turn their attention to the NBA, so Christmas Day games are a big event for the league.   Several teams will wear sleeved jerseys this year like the Back In Blue alternates the Clippers have, and we heard that teams playing on Christmas would be wearing sleeved uniforms.  

Now we get a look at the jerseys and they are not like the previous tight-fitting sleeved jerseys which looked closer to Under Armour gear, but these sleeved looks seem to be looser.  The jerseys also will have the team's logo on the front in place of the jersey number, but the back will have the player's number and name. can confirm that photos circulating on the Internet on Thursday are what NBA teams will be wearing on Christmas Day. The jerseys will have sleeves and, more intriguingly, will not have uniform numbers on the front. Instead, they will carry a team logo on the chest, similar to a hockey jersey, with the uniform number moved to the left sleeve. Each player's name and number will remain on the back, as usual. The overall visual effect is that of a glorified T-shirt.

Personally, I am not a fan of these as they just look like warm ups instead of jerseys.  They would be fine to rock around the house, or something casual, but I can't see paying top-quality jersey money for a warm up with a number on the back.  

Check out the gallery above to get a look at the monochromatic sleeveless jerseys worn on Christmas last year to compare them to these new ones. 


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