Shumpert Calls Out Carmelo For Bad Defense & Gets Benched

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The Knicks are off to a horrific start and have seen their Championship aspirations fade away, as the team is flirting dangerously close to owning the worst record in the East.  

In yesterday's game against the Pelicans, another loss for the Knicks, the team's best wing defender, Iman Shumpert, called out Carmelo Anthony for his poor defensive rotation.  

Shump was subsequently benched in the fourth as Woodson rolled with rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. who caught fire from deep.   

Hardaway is fighting for playing time with Shumpert, who got into a heated rant with Anthony on the Knicks bench during a third-quarter timeout. Anthony didn’t look at him as Shumpert raved. Shumpert, who was then benched for the fourth quarter of the 103-99 loss to the Pelicans, called his tiff with Anthony “a miscommunication’’ on defense.

“Of course I wanted to play,’’ Shumpert said. “Tim was making shots. J.R. [Smith] had it rolling. We were just trying to get a win.’’

New York is looking for answers, and the talk is that they are looking to ship out Shumpert, and with Tim Hardaway looking good Iman becomes even more disposable.

For what it's worth, Shump's exchange with Melo is nothing out of the ordinary on an NBA bench.  It's really only noteworthy because it's a second year player laying into a franchise player - usually those roles would be reversed.   Also, you have to love seeing Metta World Peace come over and rub Shumpert's shoulders in an attempt to relax him. 



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