Shirt Of John McCain Knocking Out Nick Young Made By Gilbert Arenas

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Gilbert Arenas might not be in the NBA right now, but that doesn’t stop him from clowning with one-time teammates.  Taking to Instagram, Gil posted a pic of a t-shirt he had made back in 2008 of Senator John McCain knocking out Arenas’ Wizards teammate, Nick Young, “So much fun we had...made shirts of@swaggyp gettn knocked out by robot arms.. I meant McClain.”

The shirts were inspired by UNDRCRWN’s cult famous shirts that depicted Barack Obama (who was running against McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election) knocking out the Republican candidate – as a nod to Mohammad Ali’s iconic shot. 


UNDRCRWN had the shirts custom made for Hibachi and as their owner, Justin Canalin, explains:


Nick Young, a favorite target for Gil, must of opened his mouth one too many times. We sent a few dozen tees down to DC during the heat of the presidential race. The entire team had them on.

I guess I forgot just how wacky this team was.  Besides have Agent Zero, and Swaggy P, they also had a young JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche, and the team was odder than the sum of their parts.  As displayed in a commercial they put together that's a spoof on the legendary Nike "Freestyle" commercials. 



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