Ryan Anderson Talks Girlfriend Gia Allemand's Suicide

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In August, Ryan Anderson's girlfriend, reality TV star Gia Allemand, was suddenly in intensive care in the hospital and tragically passed away.  Later it was revealed that the 29 year old Allemand had committed suicide.  

Looking to move on with his life in a positive direction, the Pelicans forward has been in training camp for a few weeks and he talked to reporters about the difficulties he faces everyday following Gia's passing, and how returning to the court and being surrounded by family and teammates has helped. 



"Everyday is a challenge.  It helps to be here, my family's here with me...being around my teammates really helps...it's a rollercoaster" [...]

“Something like that just doesn’t happen for no reason and I know that for 100 percent…I know that there’s a huge plan here….I know that a lot of people are going to be helped through this.”

Along with Allemand's family, Anderson will be creating a foundation that will help people dealing with depression, and issues that can lead them to suicide.  He feels this is a major problem that is not talked about enough, and that they've created something "that's going to help a lot of people."   Hopefully they can, and there can be something positive come out of the tragedy which must be unimaginably difficult for Allemand's family and Anderson. 

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