Royce White Ranked Worst Player In NBA

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It’s been a tough couple weeks for NBA forward Royce White, as he was investigated for domestic abuse, and now has been ranked as the worst player in the NBA by ESPN

After being drafted 16th overall by the Houston Rockets, Royce did not suit up for any NBA games last year as he was dealing with severe anxiety issues.  He has been a champion for mental wellness, but it’s still unclear if he will be able to play this season. 

Another talented big man, who has been unable to translate his skills into NBA success yet, Fab Melo (who was waived by the Grizzlies and picked up by the Mavericks) came in at No. 499 on the list.  It should be noted that there are only a maximum of 450 roster spots in the NBA, so ESPN has predicted both White and Melo are worth less value than even the worst player.  

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