Rondo "Felt Nothing" When Pierce & Garnett Were Traded

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The Boston Celtics bit the bullet this summer and blew the team up to begin the rebuilding process.  Doc Rivers was "traded" to the Clippers, and then Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were sent to the Brooklyn Nets leaving Rajon Rondo as the sole member of the Big 3 (Big 4 until Ray Allen left the year before) in Bean Town.  

Rondo was asked how difficult it was to find out the teammates he had won a championship with were traded, and to realize that the Cs had a tough road ahead.  Known for his eccentricities, the Celtics point guard says it wasn't difficult, and he "didn't feel anything" after learning that two of his longtime teammates and friends were traded away.


“It wasn’t difficult at all,” said the recovering Rondo as quoted on Celtics Blog. “I didn’t feel anything. I actually landed in LA the night of the draft. I had 45 text messages come through the phone. I thought I was traded.

“It’s not the first teammates that I’ve been close to who were traded away — Perk, Tony Allen. It’s part of the process. This is a fresh start for us, a new coach and a new team. I’m excited about the fresh start.”


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