Rondo Denies Rumors That Melo Is Recruiting Him

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According to the Boston Globe, Steve Smith, who coached both Anthony and Rondo at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, told USA Today last week that Anthony was “recruiting” Rondo to come play for the Knicks.

Melo dismissed such claims, saying that would be tampering, but we all know these players fraternize and it's not beyond the realm of possibility that these two would love to play together. Rondo added, “People talk, media talk, people make up rumors, people run with them.”

It would be a match made in heaven; possibly the most unselfish point guards in the game with the biggest ball hog in the game. For now, its all speculation, and the two are denying any such partnership. But, Rondo may be one of the few stars in the NBA that could function alongside Carmelo Anthony.


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