Rockets New Dwight Howard & James Harden Billboards

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The Dwight Howard #StayD12 billboard campaign might have been a failure for the Lakers, but that doesn’t mean the Rockets putting Dwight up on their #ANewAge billboards will be.  

Houston is rolling out billboards featuring their two superstars, James Harden and Dwight Howard, along with the two other most notable players on the team, Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin and Chandler “Woah, dude’s got serious gameParsons


I can’t really figure out why The Beard and D12 need to look so angry – I guess they were aiming for “ferocious” – but that is fairly standard for team billboards.  Makes me wonder if it is the team/photographer/people behind marketing who always asks athletes to scream, or if players have just adopted that as a go-to look on billboards and advertisements. 

You either see players mid-yell on these, or careless flipping the ball in the air with a gigantic smile.  Not much room for in between. 


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