The Rockets Asked The Mavs About Trading Dirk Nowitzki

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The Dallas Mavericks have come up short trying to lure big name free agents over to their team the past couple seasons.  They made a strong push for Dwight Howard this off season but he ended up choosing Houston

Reportedly, after Dwight officially announced his signing with the Rockets, Daryl Morey contacted Mark Cuban to see if he would be interested in a trade involving the greatest Maverick of all-time, Dirk Nowitzki


"I wasn't really worried about it, to be honest,'' Nowitzki said after Friday's 103-93 win over Utah. "I guess it stays longer in Cuban's mind.

"To me it was kind of in and out. We were frustrated at the time, but then I think we made some great moves and signed Jose (Calderon) first and obviously Monta (Ellis) and all the rest of the gang.''

Cuban said the call from Morey came "three hours'' after the Rockets beat the Mavs in the Dwight Howard Sweepstakes. Nowitzki, however, never felt he was leaving the Mavs for Houston or for any other place.

The Mavs drafted Dirk, and he lead them to the Finals in '06, and again in '11 where they won the title.  Cuban is fiercely loyal to the big German and with the way Dirk has been talking (about taking a pay cut when his new contract comes up) it doesn't sound like he'll ever wear a different jersey.  



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