Rihanna Supports LeBron & The Heat, Reggie Miller Loves It

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The Heat blewout the Bucks last night, much to the delight of all those in attendance at American Airlines Arena in Miami.  One fan sitting courtside received special attention.  Rihanna was rocking a white pair of sunglasses with “HEAT” scrolled across them, and after a LeBron James alley oop the Bajan Bombshell brandished her LBJ jersey.  



Don’t know if Rihanna is actually a huge HEAT fan, as she was wearing black, and not supporting the all-white “White Out” movement that most the crowd was.  Plus she has been seen courtside at both Lakers and Clippers games showing her love for those squads.  It’s alright if Rih Rih is a fair weather fan.  What’s not alright is how TNT had Reggie Miller take them to commercial and he became a little overworked seeing Rihanna: “Rihanna!  Mmm nyaaa nyaa.  What’s my name?!”


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