Rihanna Courtside At A Lakers Game With Her Brother, Stares At Cheerleaders

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Rihanna has had some spare time on her hands lately since coming off tour, and has been taking in some Lakers games at the Staples Center.

Last week she watched the Lake Show take on the Golden State Warriors, and spent some of the time chatting up a young fan sitting beside her.  

Yesterday, RiRi showed up for the Lakers game against the upstart Blazers and brought her brother, Rajad, as her guest.   The two showed up well into the second quarter, and spent a lot of time laughing and playing around.  

At one point a photographer caught a captivated-looking Rihanna giving a hard look to one of the Laker Girls who were performing.  

Click above to check out pics of the Bajan Bombshell and her brother. 


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