Reports Say Melo Wants To Leave Knicks But He Denies Them

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As with any franchise player, when free agency starts to loom then rumors begin to swirl.  Although he doesn't become a free agent for another six months there has already been rampant speculation about Carmelo Anthony's future intentions.  

With the Knicks starting the season a paltry 3-13 there has of course been cause for concern that Melo will bolt when the season's up - the Lakers is the team most floated around as his desired destination.

NBA reporter, and talking head, Stephen A. Smith said last night on his radio show that it was a foregone conclusion that Anthony is leaving New York

More than anything else I’ve heard, do you know what I’ve heard over the last 24 hours? Carmelo Anthony is gone. Ain’t no way in hell he’s staying here. I’m hearing this is it. He’s out. Unless the money disappears elsewhere, because he definitely wants to get paid, he’s not trying to stay here for this. 

Word of his "plans" to leave the Knicks reached Carmelo and he vehemently denies the reports, saying he doesn't even discuss his future with "anybody in my crew, anybody on my team, family, nobody." 

I believe Melo on this one.  Right now, he's obviously not happy with the Knicks, but he's just focused on getting the season turned around, and has no idea what his plans for the future are.  He could, possibly, be thinking in his head about leaving, but it's doubtful he's at a stage to discuss it.  


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