Raptors Considering Re-Branding Inspired By Drake

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 The Toronto Raptors are close to scrapping their black and red colors for a black and gold look inspired by Drake. Reports indicate that the new team colors, which are the same as Drake's OVO Sound record label, would be used for the 2015-16 season.

According to the Toronto Sun, Tim Leiweke, the president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment said; 

“There’s a reason why we are now going to submit to the league a new application for new branding and a new image and new colors,” Leiweke said. “Drake will be an ambassador and help us forge this new vision, this new buzz, this new excitement for where we’re taking this organization. … [Raptors GM] Masai [Ujiri] and I sat down and talked to [Drake] about what he views our image and our brand ought to be.  I think he sees the world the same way we do, and I think we want to activate him in the thinking of what kind of buzz, what kind of brand, what kind of logo, and what kind of future we create for this organization going forward.”

The Raptors could certainly use some rebranding. It could point their franchise in a completely different direction, and make them relevant a la the Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady days.

The Nets, for example, did a great job re-branding when they brought in Jay-Z and changed their color scheme, not to mention relocating altogether. The Raptors have no such plans to move, but something as simple as changing the colors could boost their brand, and help make them relevant. 



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