Rapper Wale Tells Us How To Reject Women Like Mutombo

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Dikembe Mutombo has been a mainstay reference for rappers since the 90s.  Usually rappers are talking about how big they are, on the block, or how their money is "long like Mutombo."  

The NBA legend has seen a post-playing career resurgence of late as his trademark blocking prowess followed by his signature finger waving were used in a viral GEIKO commercial. 

Rick Ross dropped off a "No Games" remix recently featuring Future, and fellow MMG rappers Wale and Meek Mill.  On Wale's verse, he drops a Mutombo reference, and possibly coins a new phrase for dudes looking to cut things off with a girl they're "dating."  

Look - ain't tryna be no killer
But I know I got beaucoup of 'em that's with me 
'Ducé or that Remy - quit 'em if they linger
You give 'em Jordan feet, I give these hoes Mutombo fingers.

Hopefully the meme of giving girls "Mutombo fingers" catches on.  

Shoutout to GotBars.com for the hat tip and lyircs. 

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