Players Union Not Close To Deal On HGH Testing

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A controversial topic in all of sports these days, and one that has come to the forefront in the major four sports in the U.S. is the use of performance enhancing drugs, particularly HGH.  

David Stern had hoped that a deal would be in place between the league and the player's union before the start of this, his final season as commissioner of the NBA, but after meeting in New York to discuss the issue, it appears no deal will be in place anytime soon.   A source close to the situation was quoted by CBSsports as saying "NOthing is anywhere near being agreed to." 


Officials from the league office and National Basketball Players Association met earlier this month in New York to continue discussions on the matter, but a person familiar with the talks told, "Nothing is anywhere near being agreed to." The negotiations are ongoing, but the gap may be too wide to close in time for a policy to be in place in time for the start of the regular season.

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