Phil Jackson Leaning Toward Joining Knicks

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All signs are pointing toward Phil Jackson taking a front office job with the New York Knicks. But what exactly will his role be? And will he be in a position to directly effect the product on the floor? 

Phil is a great coach, but he's never held a front office position (what that means, we still don't know), and unless he has complete control over the moves the organization is making it will be tough to judge his impact on the franchise. He will, presumably, be making his debut in a front office position for a franchise that has a ton of issues, and a fan base that is eager for immediate change. It's not to say he can't handle it, but it is far from ideal. 

If Phil were the coach it would be a major draw for free agents. Plus, it is something everybody knows he can handle. On the other hand, sticking him in a luxury box doesn't do much for the Knicks as far as making it a highly desired spot for Melo's pals. Sure, it's great to have a big name and polarizing figure like Phil be apart of your organization in any capacity, but I just don't think his front office debut is the "fix" Knicks fans are dying for.

Again, maybe Phil Jackson excels in whatever front office position he is given. But for now, the Knicks issues are on the court and within the coaching staff. This would be a much bigger splash if Phil Jackson were agreeing to coach the Knicks, which is something Knicks fans undoubtedly want to see. 

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