O.J. Mayo Offers $10K For Tape Of Him Playing Michael Jordan

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O.J. Mayo isn't happy with the footage released of him playing Michael Jordan back when Mayo was still in high school.  

During a recent interview, MJ told a story of how a young Mayo was talking trash and going at him at Jordan's own camp.  This in turn cause Mike to actually try, at which point he shut young O.J. down and scored countless easy buckets on him.  

A couple days later, video footage surfaced of the game, and showed exactly what the Bulls legend described, but Mayo says it doesn't tell the whole story.  He says that during the game he was initially giving it to Mike, and is now offering $10,000 to whoever can procure footage of the full game.  O.J. Mayo is using the hashtag #OnMyMomma so you know it's legit. 


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