NBA considering new draft system

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The NBA is considering a new system for determining its yearly draft order to prevent teams from tanking games to increase their chances of landing the No. 1 pick.

A proposal to use a system called The Wheel is being looked at, according to the

In an alternative to the current lottery system, The Wheel sets the draft order 30 years in advance using a specific numbering system designed to give all teams an equal chance of getting the best prospects.

The proposal calls for all teams to draft in all 30 slots over a 30-year period. For an example, if a team has the No. 1 pick, it would draft 30th the following year, No. 19 in year three, No. 18 in year four and No. 7 in year five. It is designed to give every team a top-12 pick at least once every four years, and a top-five pick once every six years.

It could create potential problems, including making bad teams worse since their future draft picks are so varied. However, it also stops teams from purposely losing games in an attempt to draft the next one-in-a-generation player.

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