NBA 2K14 & LeBron James: The Best Of Both Worlds

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With four league MVPs, four NBA Finals appearances, two straight titles along with two Finals MVPs, LeBron James is the consensus "best player on the planet."  Not satisfied with just being the greatest currently, LeBron has opened up about striving to be the greatest to ever play the game.  

This year, 2K Sports chose Bron-Bron as the cover athlete for the much anticipated NBA 2K14 in their insanely popular NBA gaming installments, and this was a fitting year to put the Miami Heat forward front and center.  Both King James, and NBA 2K, are the best in their field and only want to get better and cement themselves as the greatest ever.  

Fully aware, and playing up on the parallels of their NBA 2K brand, and LeBron's ascending legacy, the marquee mode of the game is "LeBron: Path To Greatness" where you can decide if LBJ will re-sign with the Heat, or move onto the biggest market with the Knicks.  

Looking to always improve his already seemingly unstoppable game, LeBron continues to add to his offensive arsenal, and has posted some of his workouts over the off season.  NBA 2K14 shows improvement across the board from previous additions, and this year the most notable change besides the gaming modes is the improved controls, "Building on the foundation laid in NBA 2K13, the multi-purpose pro stick acts as both a movement modifier and as a shot stick, though it's been simplified in NBA 2K14 ("

LeBron has recently surpassed Kobe Bryant as the league's most profitable, and world-wide popular, player.  While prior to the release of the game, NBA 2K14 held a star-studded Preimer Party.  In the case of their cover athlete, and for the game itself, the hype is real.  

NBA 2K14 hit stores today, and you can check out their Facebook page to find out where to purchase it.  

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