Nate Robinson Thinks He Could Have Played In NFL & Dominated

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The latest NBA player to talk about playing in the NFL is Nate Robinson, who says he would have been great. 

Yesterday, we posted a tweet of LeBron James saying he wants to play at least one game in the NFL before he retires.  There has been a lot of speculation of just how dominate this freak of nature athlete could have been in football.  Now another freak of nature, albeit a much smaller one, Nate Robinson, is saying that he could have played in the NFL. 

Playing a year of cornerback at Washington University, before focusing solely on basketball, lil Nate believes he could not only have played in the NFL as a corner, but become one of the best the game had ever seen.  Robinson believes that if he was playing football professionally today, he would be Top 3 active corners.  


If I was in the NFL, I’d probably be at least, like, the first or second DB in the NFL. One, two or three, I’d say, because [Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback] Darrelle] Revis is pretty solid, [Arizona Cardinals corner] Patrick Peterson is pretty solid and you got my man Sherman holding it down. It’d be a tough position, but the level that I was playing football at at the time, I was — you know, it was fun for me and it came pretty easy. [...] And I only gave it a year in college, so for me, it’d be pretty scary to think about, you know, my future in football. If I really gave it my all, and stopped focusing on basketball, and gave everything I had on football, I’d probably be one of the best corners the NFL has ever seen.


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