Michael Jordan Once Yelled At Bow Wow For Wearing Iverson's To His House

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Being in the spotlight from a young age, fans know a lot about Bow Wow, and his love of basketball has been well chronicled in music videos, his appearances in celebrity games, and his willingness to Tweet or talk hoops at any moment.  Growing up as a celebrity has its pitfalls, but the advantages can’t be ignored either, like being able to hang out at Michael Jordan’s house as a teenager.

In a recent interview, Bow Wow was asked about his relationship with Michael Jordan, and says that he feels like he basically grew up with MJ’s kids as he used to stop by their house whenever in the area.  The rapper tells a story how he made the egregious error of rocking Reebok Iverson’s while staying at Michael Jordan’s home, and the always hyper-competitive Bulls legend was upset. 


I’m actually real cool with his sons, Marcus and Jeffrey...I would say, we kinda grew up together.  Being on tour, every time we came to Chicago, even at the age of like 15, they would come around and we just clicked.

There’d be times I stayed over at the family, ya know, Mr. Jordan’s house...actually a funny story, I actually wore some Iverson’s to their house...and Michael Jordan woke us all up and was like ‘Whose is these?’...and I was like ‘they’re mine’...and I never saw My A.I.’s after that moment.  I was in some Jordan’s going down to play some basketball.


He doesn’t say what year this happened, but most likely it was around 2001-2002 when Bow Wow would have been 14 or 15 years old, and at that time Iverson gear and sneakers were the most competitive brand to Jordan apparel.   Mike is known for his curmudgeon-like behavior, but being upset is completely understandable.  After all, the 2002 basketball movie starring Bow Wow wasn't called "Like A.I."


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