Michael Jordan & Gary Payton's Kids Talk Trash On Intagram

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Soon to be Hall Of Fame inductee, Gary Payton, turned some heads this week when he said that guarding John Stockton was more difficult for him than guarding Michael Jordan

Payton cited, how unflappable Stock was as the reason, that no matter how much trash he talked, the Jazz point guard would not fire back, and always stuck to running the offense.  Whereas, with Jordan, Gary says that MJ would start talking smack and try to go directly at him the next time down on offense.

Well, that’s how it played out on Instagram when Payton’s son, Gary Dwayne Payton, asked Michael’s daughter, Jasmine M. Jordan, what she thought of a pic he posted.  In the pic, seen above, the Sonics legend is clearly having some heated words with Mike. 

In true Jordan fashion, Jasmine couldn’t resist but fire back saying, “Lol my dad had to remind ya dad that he wasn’t about that life sir.” 

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