Miami Heat's Secret Santa Party

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"There was a limit on price," James said. "You couldn't go below a certain number."

That's how the Miami Heat do "Secret Santa." Gifts ranged from a Louis Vuitton bag that Michael Beasley received from Rashard Lewis, to a telescope that Shane Battier gifted to Chris Bosh. For some reason, a telescope seems like the perfect gift for Bosh. Just standing in his hotel room at night trying to catch a glimpse of Orion's Belt or something.

Chalmers gave the savvy veteran, Battier, some red wine. Other gifts included speakers and expensive paintings. As cheesy as this "Secret Santa" idea may seem, it is really a testament to the camaraderie and brotherhood that the Heat encompass. Something that is necessary if you want to win a 3rd straight title. 

 "We just like capturing moments," James said. "By us taking photos, it's things that we can look back on, when we're all done, and be able to relive some moments. It's pretty cool that we have a close-knit group. I mean, all 15 guys are there. So it just shows how close we are."


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