Metta World Peace Kicks Some Knowledge For Justin Bieber

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Metta World Peace is never shy about repping his hood of Queensbridge, New York and he wants Justin Bieber to know that if he plans on dropping N-bombs he needs to spend some time in his old stomping grounds. Metta, who considers the Biebs to be his boy, had this to say regarding Bieber's recent racial controversy;

"He's got to chill in Compton a little bit more ... ya gotta chill in Queensbridge a little bit more ... where Lil Wayne is from in New Orleans."


"You can't just use the word 'cause you're in Hollywood with urban people or people from the hood ... you gotta actually be in the trenches in the hood ... and then you can get a pass." 

World Peace doesn't give Bieber a pass for using the N-word, for now; That's something he'll need to earn. He also likens the situation to the time when he and Kobe were throwing bows at each other, but then played together on the Lakers. Riiiight.

What world do we live in where Metta World Peace is kicking knowledge to Justin Bieber, and encouraging him to visit Compton in order to earn some street cred? Would love to see the MWP x JB web series where they tour the most extreme hoods, and Bieber is relegated to flipping beef patties at the local bodega.

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