Matt Barnes Thanks Social Media For Finding His Aunt's Killer

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Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes has turned to social media to help bring the murderer of his Aunt to justice. Michael Williams, the 51 year old man suspected of the murder, is believed to be hiding out in South Sacramento

Barnes posted a photo (shown in the slides) on his instagram along with this caption;

"This dude stabbed my auntie in the neck last week & left her for dead on the sidewalk, she ended up dying on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. If you hv any info on his where abouts contact the #SacPD # SacramentoWeNeedYourHelp #RIPTang"


Sacramento Police have captured the suspect, Michael Williams, thanks to a local tip. Since the arrest, Barnes took to twitter to thanks his social media followers, and the Sacramento Police. 

The Clippers' forward then went on to call out his fellow athletes, and even the POTUS, to help find a solution to the ongoing violence in LA, Chicago, and across the U.S

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