Mark Cuban Hates The Short Sleeved Jerseys

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All throughout Christmas Day, NBA teams rocked the short-sleeved jerseys; the latest trend in the NBA. Some players felt no different, others said it impacted their shooting motion. As a fan, I was not feeling the short-sleeved look, and felt like it could hinder shooters as well. 

Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, was not at all impressed with the new look either; 

“Hated them,” Cuban said before the Mavs hosted the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night. “I just thought it made our guys look more like a high school wrestling team or a college wrestling team.”

Couldn't agree more with the Cubes. Furthermore, the alpha-business man went on to say how the NBA could've marketed the jerseys better. He stated how they would've been better off just letting trainers and other non-players don the short-sleeved shirseys; 

“I think the people that will buy them are more the jersey heads and the people who are trying to be hip and cool as opposed to the mainstream fan who just wants something to wear to work or something to wear to school,” Cuban said. “I don’t think schools are going to be happy if 16-year-old boys come in wearing skin-tight gym wrestling gear. My opinion, they’ll sell, but we could have sold more. You live and you learn. That’s just my opinion. Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe they’ll sell like gangbusters in China.”


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