Man Claims James Harden Punched Him After He Said "Kobe Owns Your Ass"

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A man in California is suing Rockets guard James Harden for allegedly punching him in the face. 

The man, Barak Golan, claims that a couple weeks ago Harden was in a car driving to a nightclub in Hollywood when he rolled down his window to speak to some fans.  At that time, Golan used the opportunity to talk some trash and told The Beard that "Kobe owns your ass!" 

According to the lawsuit, this angered Harden enough that he clocked him in the face, so he is now suing for assault and battery. 


According to the lawsuit, Harden was on his way out of Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood November 3rd -- riding in the back seat of some SUV -- when he rolled the window down to greet fans.

That's when a man named Barak Golan says he shouted at Harden, "Kobe owns your ass!" and Harden allegedly socked him in the face.

Nothing about this story seems to add up.  Golan is alleging that Harden was so bothered by one off-the-cuff comment that he punched him.  Why would he care what someone said about Kobe Bryant?  The two haven't even played this year, and are certainly not thought of as rivals.  

Plus, James was obviously in good spirits if he is rolling down his window to say "what's up" to fans.  If he did indeed punch the Kobe trash talker, then it would have been from a lot more than just that comment.  

Think of the man who got knocked out by Pippen for "asking for an autograph," who was later revealed to have been severely intoxicated and hurling racial slurs at the Bulls legend. 


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