Magic Johnson Doesn't Think Kobe Will Play In Opener

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Kobe Bryant has made tremendous strides in his recovery from an Achilles injury, and has toyed with the notion of being ready for the beginning of the season.  With the Lakers playing their opener against the Clippers on October 29th, and Kobe with still no definite timetable for his return, it looks like he may miss some time.  

While on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Magic Johnson said he doesn't believe Mamba will be ready for the first game of the season. 


“I don’t think he’ll make the first game,” Johnson said Monday on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “I think that’s asking a lot of a man who’s dealing with an Achilles and he blew it out to come back for the first game. I think it’s going to be later than that.”

Speaking about the Lakers chances this year, Magic thinks the Lakeshow can squeak into the playoffs if Bryant can return to form early, but if Kobe comes back hobbled and rusty following his injury then Johnson thinks Los Angeles is in serious trouble. 


“It’s all going to depend on Kobe. If Kobe can get back healthy and play like Kobe, I think they’ll have a chance at least to make the playoffs, maybe as the eighth or seventh seed,” Johnson said. “If Kobe is not Kobe, it’s going to be a long season for the Lakers.”


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