Louisville Teammates Visited Kevin Ware In Hospital With Midwest Trophy

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Yesterday during Elite 8 action that saw the overall number one seed, Louisville Cardinals up against the Duke Blue Devils for a right to play in the Final 4, one of the most horrific injuries in recent sports history took place as Louisville’s Kevin Ware broke his leg.  The video has been making the rounds, and is not for the faint of heart.  If  you haven’t already watched it you probably should consider yourself lucky and move on.


Some decent news has came out however, as Ware has already undergone successful surgery and is apparently walking with crutches.  The extent of his injury will not be fully known until he begins full rehab, but the Louisville product is expected to be off the court for at least a year. 

Following their convincing win over Coach K’s kids, Rick Pitino and his squad went to the hospital to visit Kevin Ware, and brought along the Midwest Regional trophy so he could at least hold it, as prior to his injury he was a major part of the Cardinals’ run.   

[Via Fansided]

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