LeBron Will Give Ohio St. Buckeyes Speech Before Game With Wisconsin

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Having never attended a day of classes in his life, LeBron James is receiving a lot of notoriety with the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Recently, the basketball team donated a locker to LeBron after he had graciously donated Nike gear to the team.  

The Buckeyes football program is the next to get in close with LeBron, as he will attend their huge game Saturday against the 23rd rank Wisconsin Badgers, and be on the sideline giving the Buckeyes support.  Before the game he is going to give a motivational speech to the squad to hopefully inspire them.  


An Ohio State spokesperson confirmed to BuckeyeSports.com that four-time NBA MVP LeBron James will be on the third-ranked Buckeyes’ sideline on Saturday for the team’s primetime matchup with No. 23 Wisconsin. Current plans also call for the two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP to deliver a pre-game speech to the Ohio State squad. [...] 

“I feel sorry that our fans won’t rally around LeBron because of the way he did his things, because for us, he’s been unbelievable. When his apparel came out, we were the first school he contacted,” Smith said. “He’s always kept us at the top of his thoughts when he’s doing things. That’s been really helpful."

After drawing ire from fans in Ohio after The Decision fiasco, LBJ has slowly started to regain the favor of the good people of Ohio through volunteering, and donating to their sports programs, and by letting people know he will always represent their state.  


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