LeBron No. 1, Durant No. 2 & Westbrook In Top 5 Of NBA Player Rankings

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ESPN's NBA Player Rankings revealed Kevin Durant at the No. 2 spot today, which means we now the order of the Top 5, with LeBron James coming in at No. 1 as predicted. 

The rankings got the internet riled up when they had Kobe Bryant coming in at No. 25, plummeting from No. 6 last year, which comes on the "heels" (sorry) of his Achilles injury.  Durant is at No. 2, and Clippers point guard Chris Paul is in at No. 3.  

There was a surprise at No. 4 as James Harden (who was also polled as the league's best two-guard by NBA GMS) cracked the Top 5.  Another slight surprise is Russell Westbrook rounding out the Top 5 after coming off a knee injury.  

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