LeBron James Says He Wants To Play One NFL Game

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LeBron James answered fan questions on Twitter and said he'd like to play one game in the NFL. 

There's been a lot of speculation this year about how well LeBron would fare in the NFL.  Some experts, and even current players, like Dez Bryant, feel that King James' on court dominance could translate to the gridiron.  

During a recent Q&A with fans on Twitter, LBJ was asked if he'd ever give the NFL a shot and he said that before his career is over he wants to play at least one game in the NFL. 



An all-state receiver in high school, LeBron's size, hands, and overall physical prowess would certainly translate well in football.  Now, will we ever see him actually play in a game?  That's a different story.  We probably have more of a likelihood of seeing Michael Jordan play a game this year for the Bobcats then ever seeing NFL run a pattern as a wide out in the NFL. 

LeBron also revealed his childhood crushes which included members of Saved By The Bell, and Jessica Rabbit. 



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