LeBron James Rapping On Instagram

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After winning his second championship and Finals MVP, it’s no shock that LeBron James thinks he can do anything.  Sharing fandom with many rappers, including Jay-Z and Kanye West, LBJ recently tried his hand at rapping over the instrumental for their Watch The Throne “Ni**as In Paris” track – the perennial anthem from 2011. 

Taking to Instragram, King James posted a couple sneak peaks of his rapping ability, but included the hashtags #ButImNotARapper and #IPlayBall  to probably help ease some of the expected hate.  Honestly, it’s not even thirty seconds but from what I’ve heard it’s not bad.   He’s got potential that if he drops a full track me might find himself on our next list of the NBA’s Best Rappers.   If he keeps it up Jigga might consider signing him to Roc Nation Sports agency, but to his Roc Nation Management company.  


No he didn't! Did he. Sneak Peak #NIT #ButImNotARapper #IPlayBall #EarnedNotGiven by @kingjames

Sneak Peak 2 #NIT #ButImNotARapper #IPlayBall #EarnedNotGiven by @kingjames

[UPDATE: Lyrics Added]

[Verse 1]
Yo, y'all already know what it is
It's the kid, King James
Wanna give a shoutout to the four horsemen
Shoutout to Fab 5
Akron, 330
Ramos, Mav, and the homie Rich
J-time at the Hazelden
Chilling, thinking of a master plan
By the time I'm here and the sub blow
The carrier droppin' off another 100 bands
La Familia over everything

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